FREE ...

... from preconceptions and assumptions    

... from the boundaries of tradition and religious beliefs

... from restrictive attitudes and expectations

... to explore your relationship with God

... to discover the person He made you

... to journey at your own speed

... to be YOU!

In a world where we are often told that being a gay christian is an oxymoron, we believe that God loves us all, as the people He made us irrespective of our gender or sexuality. 

Journey with us as we explore what that means for us as individuals, what the bible has to say to us and we provide a listening ear to each other.

We are a group of LGBT people of all ages exploring the christian faith from across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and surrounding areas of all denominations who come together once a fortnight in Nottingham.  We are not affiliated to any church but a group of individuals with a common heart.

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